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Training Services

Training offered:


All Positive Doggie Boot Camp:

Doggie Boot Camp is where we will bring your dog to our home and train your dog for a few weeks to a couple of months depending on your preference. Your dog will learn anything from the basic behaviors such as sit, down, come, stay, and name recognition. You may also go beyond that to more fun behaviors such as roll over, say your prayers, spin, crawl or even “get a drink from the fridge.” We use only positive training methods and your dog will get exposed to different environments such as parks, farms, and even some stores. In these environments, they will learn to work around different distractions and animals such as dogs, cats, and various farm animals.  Along with your dog coming home well-trained, we will also give you a list of all the behaviors your dog learned. For an additional fee, you can also purchase a take-home Video with a week by week progression of your dog’s experience and training with us. The Video will include instructions of how to continue your dog’s training at home.

Package Deals:

Basic Package Prices – Includes Doggie Boot Camp plus written list of behaviors learned

One week – $380

Two weeks – $755

Three weeks – $1130

Four weeks – $1500


Video Packages – Includes Doggie Boot Camp and take-home Video with instructional videos specific to your dog

One week – $480

Two weeks – $8

Three weeks -$1230

Four weeks – $1700

(You must provide food, leash(es), crate, special toys if desired, and any necessary medications)


In Home Training packages:

We charge an hourly rate of $80, but if you would like to pre-purchase multiple training sessions we offer discounted packages. The sessions included in the packages are one hour each and can be completed at your own speed, as long as at least one is being done per month. However, we recommend for good improvement in training that one session be done per week. Below are our prices.

Hourly rate $80

4 sessions $280
6 sessions $390
8 sessions $480

Packages can also be customizable please contact me for more information.


If you have any questions feel free to contact April Decker by phone or email, thanks!